How to Treat Parkinson’s Disease with VibroAcoustic Therapy

VibroAcoustic therapy is an eloquent solution for how to treat Parkinson’s disease naturally. It nourishes the mind – body connection. The therapy involves listening to specially formulated sounds for Parkinson’s through headphones while lying on a lounge or resting against a cushion that vibrates. Vibrations enhance the healing effects of sound. The synergistic combination of sound (Acoustic) with vibration (Vibro) facilitates the release of trauma that is embedded at the cellular level. It relaxes muscles, reduces stress and helps to balance those delicate hormones that help us feel happy. A reduction in stress supports the body’s intricate neurological system to function more efficiently and effectively.

Everyone with Parkinson’s symptoms knows getting stress under control is the most expedient way to reverse symptoms.The key to reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is to reduce stress. People with Parkinson’s symptoms report they get the best results when they have VibroAcoustic Therapy every day, preferably in the morning when they first wake up.

VibroAcoustic therapy offers people who are debilitated with symptoms of Parkinson’s a workable opportunity to get back on their feet so they can join others who are on the road to recovery. If a person cannot walk with ease they are probably not exercising often. Nonetheless they will be able to take full advantage of VibroAcoustic therapy which requires the person only lie and remain still for 30 minutes. People who are more functional overall also report that they experience relief from symptoms.

Research on the VibroAcoustic Therapy Reports  Encouraging Results for Parkinson’s

Research conducted at Rush Medical Center found that VibroAcoustic therapy facilitated a reversal of Parkinson’s symptoms. Yea!  The VibroAcoustic therapy used in a Rush Medical Center research study was manufactured by NexNeuro. A SMART lounge used in the study by 20 research subjects. Proprietary transducers were specially engineered to vibrate the body while sending frequencies for optimal psychological and physical impact. Tissues throughout the body vibrated to sounds engineered by Dr. Susanne Jonas that resonated through the body’s nerves, skin and bones. The Relaxation Lounge is the advanced model of the SMART Lounge which is no longer available.

If you are interested in VibroAcoustic therapy for Parkinson’s,  two products are available: A lounge and a cushion. The Relaxation Lounge vibrates the entire body. It is manufactured by NexNeuro, the original manufacturer of the SMART Lounge.  The VTS1000 cushion vibrates a selected part of the body. The cushion can be positioned, for example, to rest on your back or legs. The cushion is manufactured by Sound Oasis.

Both products are previewed in detail below. One difference is cost. The full body Relaxation Lounge costs $3,400. The VTS1000 cushion costs $375. Both include the sounds for Parkinson’s formulated by Dr. Suzanne Jonas used in the Rush study. Best of all,  both products can be used by every member of the family.

Relaxation Lounge

The Relaxation Lounge  is a new and improved version of the SMART Lounge which is no longer sold. It is pictured below with the amplifier shown underneath and headphones on top. The Relaxation Lounge is comparable to the size of a chaise lounge chair. The base can be folded up as well as the lounge unit itself. This allows the owner to move the unit to a different room in the home if required.

The Vibroacoustic mattress can be used anywhere – on top of a massage table or even on your bed.  Many people set up the Relaxation Lounge  in their exercise rooms. Others find it convenient to set it up in their bedroom.
v1 lounge

Each track included on the MP3 player that comes with the Relaxation Lounge has been uniquely formulated to induce a delicious state of deep relaxation and ease. Each of the 10 tracks contains a musical composition of long, repetitive sounds programmed with binaural audio tones to facilitate the formation of new neural networks

When you order the Relaxation Lounge you will also receive a second MP3 player that contains the Parkinson’s sound therapies that have been formulated by the genius of Dr. Suzanne Jonas. The sound frequencies were specially developed by Dr. Jonas to facilitate healing  for persons who currently experience  Parkinson’s symptoms.

mp3 player relaxation lounge

Headphone Volume

Use volume adjustments on the MP3 player shown here headphones relaxation lounge

In addition to the lounge and base unit you will also receive:

  • A set of Audio Technica headphones
  • A Fiio mp3 player
  • An amplifier
  • RCA cable
  • a 10 pack of specially composed music
    • Outer Limits, Depression Release, Divine Peace, Energize and Recharge, Nature’s Frequency, Quiet Time, Unconditional Love, Water world, Relax, and Meditate
  • A second MP3 player shipped separately with two (2) Parkinson’s tracks  
  • An operating manual
  • All the necessary cables in order to use and operate the unit

Tips for a Relaxing Lounge Experience

  • Choose a quiet place to set up the  Relaxation Lounge where you will not be disturbed.
  • Turn down lighting in the room.
  • Choose your music and adjust the volume and vibration levels before starting your session.
  • Put your hands by your side.
  • As the music begins, concentrate on slowing your breathing.
  • Focus on your muscles – allowing them to relax – starting with your feet and working on up to you neck and shoulders.
  • As your muscles begin to relax, you will start to hear the music & feel the vibration flow together. Your body will respond by entering a state of relaxation.
  • Continue to slow your breathing.
  • The music will automatically stop along with the vibration once the session has ended.

Features of the Relaxation Lounge

  • The Relaxation Lounge is energy-efficient. It has four (4) custom transducers utilizing a 150-watt amplifier
  • Contoured Sound Foam (TM) that creates a full body print for optimum comfort that allows the full transmission of vibrations to stimulate the body and mind and not the mattress.
  • “Air channeled” 3 inch foam sub base allows body and transducer heat to flow freely from mattress.
  • A special medical grade fabric on the top with a non-slip material on the bottom.
  • Unique medical-grade neoprene mattress cover.
  • Parkinson’s sound frequencies specifically mastered for persons with Parkinson’s symptoms.
  • Mattress has an integrated headrest and contoured knee lift for optimum comfort.
  • Amplifier has a bass filter and vibration intensity control.


Cost of Relaxation Lounge shipments to the US and Canada is included in the price. Orders will be shipped within 2-3 days after it is received.

Additional shipping charges will be incurred for shipments of the Relaxation Lounge outside the US or Canada. The additional charge will be determined after the order has been received. We will send an email that lists with the shipping options and request that you choose which serves you best.  Some options arrive more quickly but cost more. A total of $150 will be deducted from the cost of whichever shipping option that is selected. We do not ship Relaxation Lounge orders to destinations outside the US and Canada until we get your final approval of the additional charge.

Click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” below to order the Relaxation Lounge. It will be shipped 3-4 days after your order has been successfully processed.


Zero Interest Purchase for 6 Months

There is a marvelous option that makes purchase of the Relaxation Lounge possible without having to pay anything now. The program is PayPal Credit. They offer interest free financing for a full 6 months. Instead of paying the entire cost up front, you can spread payments over a 6 month period. No additional interest will apply as long as the loan is paid in full by the end of the 6 month period. It winds up being equivalent to making payments on a car loan for 6 months.

I have used the PayPal Credit program myself in my own business and have funded many capital expenses this way. I just have to plan on paying off the total amount due within the six month period or interest charges will be applied. The great advantage of the PayPal Credit program is that you can purchase the Relaxation Lounge now without putting any money down.

The amount of credit that is extended will be tied to your credit rating. Apply at: If you do not already have a Paypal account (which makes purchases online easy and safe) you will be asked to sign up for a Paypal account first before applying for the 6 month free interest credit program. Signing up for Paypal is free. You receive an instant response when you apply for credit approval. You do not have to wait to order the Relaxation Lounge.

Once you have applied for PayPal credit and received your line of credit, return to this website, then click on “Add to Shopping Cart” to purchase. Be sure to indicate the purchase uses “PayPal Credit” to claim your 6 month interest free loan. If you have a coupon code that qualifies you for a discount, enter it in the coupon code field on the shopping cart before finalizing your order to claim the discount.


Relaxation Lounge for Parkinson’s

Enjoy all the benefits and of VibroAcoustic therapy with the Relaxation Lounge that has been specifically configured with music medicine mastered for persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. The Lounge is designed to remain in a convenient location in your home. It is not intended to be portable, though of course it can be moved to another location when needed.


Questions Answered and Orders Taken: 877-526-4646

The feedback I have heard from people with Parkinson’s who experienced the therapeutic effects of VibroAcoustic therapy indicate they experienced a noticeable relief of symptoms soon after use. Depending on the person and the symptoms, positive effects last from several hours to several days. In other words, you don’t have to experience VibroAcoustic therapy for months or even weeks before benefiting from its effects.   

VTS1000 VibroAcoustic Cushion

After considerable research and investigation, the Sound Oasis VTS1000 VibroAcoustic Cushion offers a viable VibroAcoustic option at a reasonable cost.


Vibroacoustic therapy helps you relax, renew your body and prepare you for sleep – naturally! Clinically proven low frequency vibration that stimulates body cells into therapeutic states of relaxation and healing. Sound therapy provides soothing music with clinically proven brainwave entrainment for effective stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  Brain entrainment or “brainwave synchronization” is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequency to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (e.g., to induce sleep).

Clinically Proven Benefits of VibroAcoustic Therapy

  • vibroacoustic-therapyIncreased circulation, decreased pain and increased mobility
  • Sleep and fall asleep naturally without drugs
  • Doctor and hospital proven
  • Research reports relief from Parkinson’s symptoms
  • Use on your favorite chair or on your bed

Why is Vibroacoustic Therapy Effective?

Vibroacoustic Therapy is clinically proven to provide therapeutic health and wellness results.
It works because sound penetrates deeper.

Vibroacoustic Therapy provides massage therapy to muscles and joints that hand/mechanical massage can not reach. For comparison purposes, vibroacoustic-therapyultrasound is a well known and accepted sound technology for viewing tissue inside a body. It operates at 20 KHz + (see below graph). Vibroacoustic Therapy frequencies correspond to key brainwave activitiesVibroacoustic Therapy functions at 20 Hz to 100 Hz, the same frequency range that the body’s energy channels operate at. We can bring these energy channels into healthy alignment with Vibroacoustic Therapy.

Interview with Dr. Lee Bartel, PhD

Sound Therapy for Parkinson’s

To enhance the impact of VibroAcoustic therapy, add sound healing – music medicine CDs which provide therapeutic support for a variety of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease including:

          • Digestion
          • Restless Legs
          • Pain
          • Stress 
          • Muscle tension
          • Anxiety

Scroll down this page for a listing of the CDs that can be used together with the VTS-1000 System.

Vibroacoustic Therapy Provides Sensual Stimulation

Like hand/mechanical massage, Vibroacoustic Therapy aids circulation, relaxes muscles and feels good. Your brain responds to sounds that it hears. The Sound Oasis Vibroacoustic Therapy System plays back nature, music and therapy sounds with Delta, Alpha or Theta brainwaves to coax your brain to match these frequencies, thus entering states of sleep, relaxation or renewal.

Summary of Recent VibroAcoustic Research 

Cost of VTS-1000 VibroAcoustic Therapy System

The cost of the VTS-1000 is $374.99 which includes two (2) CDs formulated specifically for Parkinson’s shown by research to reduce symptoms. A Player for the CDs is not included.

Shipping of the VTS-1000 VibroAcoustic Therapy System

Shipping is free to all US and Canadian Destinations

 If your order is to be shipped to a destination outside the US or Canada, I will investigate the shipping options and  email you with the options that are available. Quicker shipments cost more. I will not finalize your order and ship it out until you have approved one of the shipping options available.

Just to give you a heads up about possible shipping costs, shipping to  Switzerland would be $133.08 for FedEx Economy and $142.49 for FedEx International Priority.

Once shipped your order should arrive within 2-3 weeks depending on the destination. You have already paid $6.95 (USD)  in shipping charges when you processed your order for the VTS-1000. This will be applied to the shipping costs to destinations outside the US and Canada once they have been determined and approved by you.

VTS1000 is on back order. Expected availability is September 2016

$375.00  vibroacoustic-therapy

Orders by Phone Call 877-526-4646

VTS-1000 Product Features

  • 60 Minutes of Therapeutic Sound
Click on the purple arrows below to hear some of the delicious sounds embedded in the VTS-1000
Relax  Sleep Stress Energize    
  • Stereo Audio Speakers & Low Frequency Generator
  • Backlit Remote Control that controls sounds, volume and vibration intensity
  • Outlet Powered  Power Adapter Jack (adapter included)
  • Remote Control Jack Headphone Jack
  • Two Parkinsons CDs developed by Dr. Suzanne Jonas

Included with your order for the VTS-1000 are two recently mastered Parkinson’s Disease CDs which contain highly specific frequencies that assist in decreasing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.vibroacoustic- sounds-for-Parkinsons One of these CDs was used in a study of VibroAcoustic Therapy for Parkinsons at Rush University.
Results showed subjects experienced symptoms relief.

Unique programming embeds pulsed frequencies in nature sounds. It also adds binaural beats to assist with faster delivery and relaxation. The Parkinsons Disease CD was found to be effective in reducing Parkinson’s symptoms in a clinical study at Rush University. The companion CD for Parkinson’s contains the same highly specific frequencies embedded in music by Jim Oliver.

VTS-1000 Instruction Manual

VTS-1000 Manual

VTS-1000 Weight & Dimensions

  • Product dimensions: 17.75″ x 5.5″ x 30.75″
  • Product weight: 7 lbs
  • Package dimensions: 34″ x 5.625″ x 18.5″
  • Package weight: 11.2 lbs


The VTS-1000 comes with a one (1)  year limited warranty. The company will replace or credit customers for any defects in parts, materials or workmanship.

VTS1000 is on back order. Expected availability is September 2016

$375.00  vibroacoustic-therapy

Orders by Phone Call 877-526-4646

Music Medicine for the VTS-1000

Additional support in the form of frequencies shown to help heal a variety of specific symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease is also available on CDs developed by Dr. Suzanne Jonas. We all  know what it means to take medicine through our mouths in the form of pills. Healing medicines in the form of sound frequencies can also be delivered to our bodies through our ears – a therapy Dr. Jonas calls “Medicine by Ear.” The guiding principle which has inspired her work is that specific sounds can help to heal specific imbalances in the body.

Unique programming embeds pulsed frequencies in nature sounds. It also adds binaural beats to assist with faster delivery and relaxation. The Parkinsons Disease CD was found to be effective in reducing Parkinson’s symptoms in a clinical study at Rush University. The companion CD for Parkinson’s contains the same highly specific frequencies embedded in music by Jim Oliver.

A listing of her amazing “Medicine by Ear” CDs is below. Add any of these CDs to your order for the VTS-1000. Use both at the same time and celebrate their joint healing effects.

Your VTS-1000 Vibroacoustic Therapy System can play sounds from external players such as a CD player, IPod, IPhone, IPAD, or MP3 Player. Connect your external player to the Input Jack on your VTS-1000 Vibroacoustic System for playback. The player is not included.  You can also listen through headphones without using the VTS-1000.

For maximum effect, I recommend that you do both at the same time. Listen to a “Medicine by Ear” Parkinson’s CDs while using the VTS-1000 Vibro-Acoustic system whenever possible. Use any of the other CDs listed below as well. Click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” button and the CD you selected will be added to your order for the VTS-1000. Or, you can always order them separately without ordering the VTS-1000.

Medicine by Ear CDs

Add any of the CDs listed below can be added to your order for the VTS-1000. Shipping for a CD is $4.95 to all US destinations. Shipping to destinations outside the US is $11.90 USD. Shipments of CDs will be sent in a separate mailing from shipment of your VTS-1000.

 Orders by Phone Call 877-526-4646

Etheric Sweep

Etheric-SweepResidue and debris from traumatic history and failures accumulate in our emotions and etheric bodies. The frequencies on the Etheric Sweep CD will assist in sweeping away the debris. The frequencies are embedded in music with binaural beats. Most effective when used with the VTS-1000. Very powerful!


Digestion Assist

DigestionTones are embedded in ocean surf. Specific frequencies assist with digestion, assimilation of nutrients, and elimination. Use before, during or after meals.


Restless Legs

Tones embedded in sounds of a rainforest  These frequencies have been effective in decreasing restless legs activity during the night.


Pain Control

Pain-ControlDeveloped in a pain control clinic, the Pain Control CD is highly effective with high level, chronic pain. Track 1 begins with a short relaxation exercise followed by rhythmic music, which has been shown in a pain study to be highly effective at reducing pain; the track ends with gentle surf sounds. Track 2 is quiet classical music.


  Orders by Phone Call 877-526-4646

Spinal Ease

Spinal-EaseThe specific frequencies on the Spinal Ease CD help release back muscle tension and stimulate each of your vertebra. It has been highly successful in in diminishing pain and increasing overall energetic balance.


 Orders by Phone Call 877-526-4646

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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  1. Is there a location we could try out the equipment (lounge or chair pad?) This is a big investment for us, but one I am willing to make if it helps my husband’s symptoms. He doesn’t want one more pill and he is having difficulty sleeping. I think this would help but would like to physically see the product and/or try it out before I purchase.


    1. Hi:

      The VTS1000 does come with a 30 day guarantee. You can send it back and get a refund within 30 days. No one has ever
      sent the product back over the years which is one reason I like for people to know about this wonderful product. People report it really does make a difference.

      Where do you live? The lounge is produced in a manufacturing facility near Chicago.


  2. I live in spain. Is this an electrical item (VTS1000)? do you make it with european electricity? or are there suppliers in europe. thank you for your help

    1. I am a 76 yr old clinical psychologist psychotherapist suffering from advanced Parkinson’s. I live in Jerusalem Israel.
      Do you know of anyone in Israel who has purchased your vibroacoustic product — from whom I can get a recommendation and perhaps even try it out?
      Israel has 220 electricity, and I assume that your product which is designed for the USA works on 110. Please let me know how this is adjusted.

      1. Hi:

        I do not know anyone in Israel that has purchased the product unfortunately. There is a device which is used to make the equipment work
        on 110. The company is out of stock right now but will have more to ship in September. I am happy to investigate all the details when they
        have something for you to ship out in September.


  3. I have a vibration machine, which I use daily, could I use my machine and just purchase your music. My machine is a Euro body shaper, with oscillation and vibration.

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